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Glass Flakes (glass flake) can be applied in FGD,Coating and Pigment fields.


Anti-corrosive Coating

Glass flake coatings, as the name implies, is paint with glass flake added. The flakes are only microns thick and make the coating much tougher than ordinary industrial paint. The principle types of glass flake coatings are epoxy and vinyl ester.

  • Chemical resistance to a wide range of cargos
  • Specifications up to 25 years to 1st major maintenance are achievable
  • Extensive track record includes: offshore, subsea, chemical tanks and process vessels
  • Glass Flake Mortar玻璃鳞片胶泥

    Glass Flake Mortar which is specially-formulated flake compound made from vinyl ester (epoxy) resins and chemical-inert glass flake can be applied in power generation plant,garbage incineration plant and waste water treatment plant.C-12V,C-12E,C-28V or C-28E can be used in those fields.

  • Excellent bonding strength to metal or concrete
  • Easy fabrication and versatile processing methods (spray and roller)
  • Excellent in chemical resistance, heat resistance and Solvent resistance
  • Pigment玻璃鳞片珠光颜料

    Made by the glass flake, the pigment as its unique soft pearl luster, has unparalleled effect that can't be achieved by others. Special surface structure, high refractive index and good transparency in the transparent medium to create the same effect with pearl. The C-12N,C-28N and C-150N can be applied in the pigment field.